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CobolPro for z/OS Features and Benefits

CobolPro for z/OS delivers:
  • Statement-Level Code Coverage: CobolPro for z/OS provides run-time statement-level code coverage and incorporates a state-of-the-art COBOL parser to process programs compiled with IBM's Enterprise COBOL for z/OS (and earlier) compilers.

  • Instrumentation: The process of preparing computer software for run-time profiling and measurement is called "instrumentation" and can be performed at the source-code level, object-code level or performed at run-time.

Using advanced parsing techniques, CobolPro for z/OS creates an instrumented copy of the COBOL source code program by inserting probes to collect run-time statistical information when the COBOL program is executed during testing.     

The instrumented copy of the COBOL program is then compiled, link-edited and tested using standard existing development procedures.


For example, a COBOL program can be prepared for regular testing using the standard program preparation process:

1. Compile

2. Link-Edit

3. Test (repeat as necessary)

Using CobolPro for z/OS, a COBOL program can be prepared for run-time statement-level code coverage testing using a slightly modified program preparation process:

1. Program Instrumentation (1 JCL procedure step)

2. Compile

3. Link-Edit

4. Test (repeat as necessary)

5. Code Coverage Results (COBOL statement counts + reports) (1 JCL procedure step)

  • No Program Impacts: CobolPro for z/OS has no impact and imposes no limitations on any COBOL program's structure, functionality or logic and produces execution profile results in an intuitive and efficient format.

  • Full Statement Coverage: CobolPro for z/OS can produce an execution profile for every native COBOL statement (MOVE, IF, EVALUATE, PERFORM, NEXT SENTENCE, etc.) and every IBM EXEC statement for DB2, CICS and IMS (EXEC SQL, EXEC CICS, EXEC DLI, EXEC CPSM).

  • Flexibility: CobolPro for z/OS can produce an execution profile for any combination or number of COBOL programs, nested or non-nested sub-programs, classes and methods executing in a z/OS batch or online (CICS) environment. For example, in batch mode, a specific COBOL program may be selected for execution profiling or the entire set of COBOL programs comprising the application may be profiled.

  • Intuitive Profile Results: The resultant execution profile for each COBOL program includes the complete source code for the profiled program (including the statement-level execution counts) stored as a member of a partitioned data set (PDS) which can be viewed using ISPF. The profile execution counts will be inserted on the same source code line as the corresponding COBOL statement in either columns 1-6 or 73-80 of the profiled source code. Multiple COBOL statements appearing on the same source code line will have separate profile execution counts.

  • Intuitive Profile Reports: CobolPro for z/OS also produces a summary execution profile report for each profiled COBOL program indicating the specific COBOL and EXEC statements executed/not executed and their associated run-time execution counts. The summary profile reports are also stored as members of a partitioned data set (PDS) which can be viewed using ISPF.

  • No System Impacts: During installation and regular operation, CobolPro for z/OS requires no operating system changes.

  • Batch Coverage: In batch mode, CobolPro for z/OS requires no changes to any execution job control language (JCL) and collects run-time statistics using data structures maintained in either virtual storage or a dataspace that are periodically externalized by CobolPro for z/OS to a dynamically allocated user-named collection file.

  • CICS Coverage: In online CICS, CobolPro for z/OS requires the addition of 1 or more local or remote VSAM file definition(s) which can optionally be defined as a CICS-maintained data table.

  • Multiple Profile Executions: Multiple executions of a batch or online COBOL program occurring at different times (i.e., using different test scenarios) can optionally be consolidated and merged into a single execution profile with accumulated statement-level execution counts.

  • Flexibility: CobolPro for z/OS can produce an execution profile for programs compiled with either the IBM CICS/IMS/DB2 pre-compilers or the integrated co-processors.

  • Flexibility: CobolPro for z/OS does not require any changes to existing pre-compile, compile or link-edit options.

  • Custom Word Table: CobolPro for z/OS can process COBOL programs that use a custom installation-defined reserved word table.

  • 100% z/OS-based: CobolPro for z/OS is a 100% z/OS-based software solution designed for a quick ramp-up and is not dependent on users having to purchase, maintain and integrate any other pre-requisite software products such as debuggers, monitors, etc.

  • Intuitive Profile Results: CobolPro for z/OS does not force mainframe developers to break their testing rhythm and continuity by leaving the familiar z/OS-based ISPF development environment to examine their run-time statement-level code coverage results in a non-mainframe environment such as Windows, etc.

The following examples illustrate CobolPro for z/OS run-time statement-level code coverage for several sample COBOL programs:


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